(hip 'no sfers) noun:
magical spheres of mosaic stained glass and mirror, that twinkle like stars when illuminated. These sun and light catchers will hypnotize  all ages with their relaxing, rainbow colored spots. 
We have been making our HypnoSpheres since 1995 when God blessed us with the idea for these unique creations. 
With every spin we pray that you will have more peace and that the light of the Lord will shine on you. 
Thanks for checking us out!
Celestial HypnoSphere
Trinity Cross HypnoSphere
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The HypnoSphere
Welcome to HypnoSpheres 
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Creation HypnoSphere
 The HypnoSphere Story 
       Hello, my name is Kim Peters and  I have been an artist all my life, enjoying creative endeavors of all kinds. Several years ago my husband Bryan and I started our own business together creating Stained Glass Mosaic Garden Stepping Stones. Over the process of a few years we came to develop our own product line called HypnoSpheres. We have since found out a lot about ourselves and God's purpose for our lives.
        We started by allowing the Lord to lead, guide and direct us in most everything we did. It was amazing how GOD brought all of our talents and experiences together and rolled them all together into the development of HypnoSpheres. 
        The stepping stones were nice but we had a very limited customer base. We were very happy working together and wanted to continue doing so. There was only one thing to do, PRAY. We knew what we wanted, a product that would be for all ages, genders, light, easy to package, quicker to make, yet each one  unique & one of a kind. Answer, HypnoSpheres!
       Well when the Lord decides to answer a prayer, Wow! 
We had no idea that it would answer all of our prayers and some! Our HypnoSpheres came to be everything we prayed for and so much more. We started selling out at every show, we knew we had a hit! People were coming back and telling us how much they loved them, buying more for gifts, giving us ideas for new designs. Telling us what they were doing with them.
      Thats why we love making each and every one of them, because we know what a blessing they were to us. And we know that they had GOD's hand  in their creation.
             And so we thank all of you from the bottom of our hearts, who have opened up your hearts to us and supported our desire to be stay at home parents and partners. We continue to pray for all of you that let the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ light up their lives.
 Animals Love HypnoSpheres 
   Our Bird Buzz used to love to take a spin on the HypnoSpheres. He would fly from sphere to sphere just having a ball. He loved to watch the spinning rainbow spots all around the room. We sure do miss him 
 singing  us a merry tune.
       Our Cat Sassy used to love to chase the colorful spots the HypnoSpheres makes on the floor. She plays til she gets quite tired and has to go take a nap for a few hours.
The Trinity Cross
          Is our favorite design. It is divided into three sections of colorful iridescent stained glass. Cobolt Blue with a Star in the center, symbolizing Our Father in Heaven. Crimson Red with a White Cross in the center for the Blood of Christ. And Grass Green with a Star in the center for the Holy Spirit that came down to earth to be with us.   
 Trinity Cross Design        Order #1 
 $33.00 plus $7.00 S/Hcontact:      kcpeters@windstream.net to place order for the Trinity or any of our spheres.
  You may also call us at 402-629-4250 to place an order.
Contact us
You know we've been low tech for years  only doing business with cash or checks. We're old school & that works best for us so we can spend our time making more of our mosaic creations.
So give us a call to place an order or just to chew the fat:  
Kim & Bryan Peters
PO Box 273
720 Main Street
Milligan, Nebraska 68406
e-mail us at
Please call between 9am -6pm CST at
We use only Iridescent Stained Glass on our HypnoSpheres. That's what makes the rainbow colored spots
Kansas City Renaissance Festival
    Next in my line of Watchers "Aurora Borelis "
 will give you an icy chill .  
 2012 will be our 14th Year at the 
Kansas City Renaissance Festival
It will be the 36th Year of the Kansas City Renaissance Festival. We hope you can come join in the fun!
We are Booth # 610 HypnoSpheres  in the Wildewood across from the Chapel & Queens Garden. We have a very quaint cottage shop that receives sun most of the day. We love doing the Festival and seeing old friends and making new ones. For festival information call :    800-373-0357
or visit  : www.kcrenfest.com
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Kansas City Renaissance Festival
We handcut all of our stained glass and mirror ourselves,and we grind the edges so they are not sharp to the touch. We use high quality Spectrum Brand Iridescent Stained Glass . The glass is all hand placed and the spheres are handmade by us in our home studio.
HypnoSphere Uses?
New Designs
        So you might be asking yourselves "What the heck do I do with my HypnoSphere?" Well of course the # 1 thing is a sun catcher, hang it in a sunny window  from a brass teacup hook secured in wood. And give it a spin, don't forget to say a prayer. Then sit back & enjoy the magical colored spots sparkle all around. 
HypnoSpheres are also totally weatherproof so you can enjoy them in your garden hanging from a shepards hook or tree branch . 
You can also spotlight your HypnoSphere at night for parties or decoration. Give the kids a flashlight & send them off to dream land in no time at all. And now that the 70's is back in style your teenagers will love them for dance parties. 
 Some people buy them for their pets, cats love to chase the spots, some dogs as well. Our bird loves to go for a spin. 
Some people get them as unique gifts , or for loved ones in nursing homes. People with alzhemiers love to watch them sparkle. They make wonderful one of a kind gifts for people of all ages. 
So give HypnoSpheres a spin you'll be more relaxed in no time!
Hope to see you in KC for this years 36th Anniversary of the Renaissance booth #610
2012 KCRF ...Come early to see all the Limited Edition Designs of HypnoSpheres we've been building for all our blessed collectors .
New 2012: "3:16" for GOD so loved the world 
he gave his only begotten son that we may live.
New Design 2007:"LUST"...has 2 red hearts intertwined with a black glass background, like "Love" but a little darker and Hotter! $36.00
 2006 Design: "LOVE"... has 2 red hearts intertwined with a white glass background. One of our best new designs ever! In honor our 25th wedding anniversary . Everyone loved it! $36.00
Trilogy: yellow, red, & blue glass represent the Sun, Earth & Water, 3 essentials for Life, Love & Happiness. $35.00
Stars and Stripes: has Cobalt iridescent glass on the top with 3 mirrored stars and Red and mirrored stripes across the bottom all set in  white concrete. It looks like a waving flag when spinning.$35.00
The Wave: is a two colored wave of motion with 3 mirrored stars around the center connected with mirror squares. We have it in Red/Black, Carolina Blue/Black, Teal/Black.$33.00

The Melody: is like a spinning sheet of musical notes ..classy! $35.00
Yeng Yang: is the tradition design , we have it in Black/White$35.00 
Lucky Stars: We have 4 colors at this time, White glass/white concrete , Carolina Blue glass/blue pastel concrete, Teal green glass/teal concrete , Pink glass/pink concrete & each one has 7 lucky mirrored stars on it.Very Sparkly! $33.00
Celtic Cross: has a mirrored celtic cross on one side and 3 mirrored stars on the other symbolizing the Holy Trinity. We have it in 3 colors, White glass/white concrete, Cobalt glass/black concrete or Teal glass/black concrete.$33.00
Nebraska Design: has 3 colors sections of, Red, Black & White, with a white "N" in the Red section. Go Big Red! Well maybe they will next year.$35.00
So  if you would like any of these new designswhat you will need to do is juste-mail me atkcpeters@windstream.netwith the design you would like.
Thank you all for all your patience and your kind emails and orders all these years.
Thanks again, and God Bless you all.

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Check out below for "Aurora Borelis"our 2011 Watcher  Design. We also have a new assortment of original mosaic plaques & wares at our KC Renaissance show every year ! Booth 610

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      Goblets , Hurricane lamp  and large Trinity sphere display from our early years at KCRF